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Perhaps no one is better qualified to discuss the intricate fabric of relationships than Rene Reid Yarnell, a celebrated international speaker and writer. Formerly a Catholic nun, with an M.A. in theology, Rene brings a fresh perspective to the established view of marriage. "Of all the people I know, certainly I…had every reason to believe that I would grow up, get married, bear children, and live with my husband 'til death do us part…" Having herself entered into a multitude of relationships from religious community to elected public office, from business associations to "relationship marketing," from traditional marriage to spiritual partnerships, Rene offers a new paradigm for the ending of relationships, which prepares each person more fully for the next phase of new beginnings.

Rene's latest book, 'Til Death Do Us Part... represents her debut as a personal-story writer set in the world of her familiar environment of politics and network marketing.

Rene has dedicated much of her life to the field of education, beginning in the classroom in the sixties and expanding to include hosting both talk radioand television shows.

PhotoRene is, also, a well-loved international speaker, a writer, and consultant for the network marketing industry. Having built, with her partner, a successful organization of more than 200,000 marketing representatives worldwide crossing 28 countries, she has been heavily involved in helping to shape the Network Marketing industry for well over a decade.

In her hometown of Reno, Nevada, Rene founded and serves on the local board of Project Restart, a program committed to assisting the homeless in Northern Nevada. Her commitment to the community even crossed over into politics when, in 1988, she was elected County Commissioner. Now living in Reno, her home of 20 years, Rene has two grown children: a son, Chris Grove, and a daughter by marriage, Amy Yarnell.

For more on Rene's career and personal background:

Personal Background

  • Raised in Dallas, Texas. Currently resides in Reno, Nevada.

  • 1962 Joined the Order of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul to become a Catholic nun immediately after high school. Left the order to earn bachelor's and master's degrees in theology from 1966-1969.

  • 1969-1975 Worked in San Francisco Bay area in Catholic parishes as a religious education director, followed by a year of teaching 2nd and 3rd year theologians at St. Patrick's Seminary.

  • 1975-1980 and 1981-1983 Switched careers by becoming producer and host for local TV and radio call-in shows in San Francisco, California, Denver, Colorado and Reno, Nevada.

  • 1976-1985 Rene's married to former priest and poet, James Kavanaugh.

  • 1980-1981 Hired as a consultant by Lear Fan in Nevada to moderate communications between management and front-line workers.

  • 1985-1986 Worked for the Nevada School of Law at now-defunct Old College in Reno.

  • 1988 Ran for political office and won a Washoe County Commission seat. Served on the Board of County Commissioners until 1993.

  • 1988 Started her own network marketing business as a Nu Skin distributor, where she eventually met future husband Mark Yarnell.

  • 1990 Established Project Restart, a program committed to assisting the homeless in Northern Nevada.

  • 1991-1998 Rene and Mark create a marriage and a merger, building a Nu Skin downline and serving as advocates for the industry.

  • 1994 The Yarnells establish the University Certificate Seminar for network marketing with Dr. Charles King.

  • 1997-1998 The Yarnells write and publish Your First Year in Network Marketing.

  • 1999 Rene writes and publishes The New Entrepreneurs: Making a Living–Making a Life Through Network Marketing.

  • 2000 Rene writes 'Til Death Do Us Part... to be released April 2001.


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