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'Til Death Do Us Part... Cover

'Til Death Do Us Part...
By Rene Reid Yarnell

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'Til Death Do Us Part...
One Woman's Painful Journey to
Save Her Relationship While
Building a Network Marketing Empire

by Best-Selling Author
Bob Proctor

Strange and marvelous things will begin to happen in your life with constant regularity as you capture just a few of the many lessons that are brilliantly woven throughout each of these chapters. But, let me caution you, Rene Yarnell has done such a fine job in writing this book, you can and will get caught up in the story. It has been said that a good book is a series of pictures painted in words. As you progress from one page to the next, you will be mentally seduced into participating in a dramatic, real-life movie. You will find yourself laughing, getting excited and then frustrated, possibly angry at times, voicing advice...and then laughing at yourself as you realize there is no way the characters can hear you.

It is at this point where you stop and THINK. You will become aware of what the author is sharing with you...the most intimate details of her life. You remind yourself-this is not fiction, this is real. This book is about the life of one woman, Rene Reid Yarnell.

As I read, I found my mind moving off in many different directions. I found myself wondering WHY? Why has this author opened the door for the world to look at such personal and private situations. Then, in the same subtle manner the question surfaced in my mind, the answer appeared. However the answer did not appear the way that you might expect. I was flying from the east to the west coast, totally engrossed in the book. I came to a part where two of the characters were having a conversation and one of the characters was being very disrespectful to the other. I began to think, "Why couldn’t he be more considerate?" These thoughts were immediately followed with the thought, "Why couldn’t I?" The book had provoked me to face up to times when I had been inconsiderate. Without hesitation I swiped my credit card through the phone in my arm rest and called my wife. I told her about the manuscript I was reading and asked her if she would remind me, from time to time, to be a little more considerate. I explained to Linda how the part of the book that I had just read helped me see that by being more considerate I would like me more and it would obviously make her happier. We discussed this for a few minutes. I hung up the phone and began to reflect on what I had read and what I was reading. I could see how there was room in every relationship I had where I could be more considerate, more honest about what I thought and felt.

I could see why Rene had written this book. She wanted to help people and it was working, she had just helped me...a lot. At that moment, my perception of this book shifted. I began to see the hundreds of lessons that were jumping off every page. I also began to think of friends who were facing certain challenges in their lives and how this book would help them. Although Rene Yarnell’s entire adult life has been one of service and helping other people, I do not think for one second that she was thinking of helping other people when she began this book many years ago. It did not, in fact, even begin as a book, it began as a journal. Rene wrote it as she lived it. Then, there must have been a point and time in her mind where her journal was almost magically transformed into a book that she had to publish. Rene recognized that the pages were full of lessons that could and would apply to almost any thinking person’s life and she had to share them.

Years ago, my former employer and mentor Earl Nightingale said, "If most people said what they were thinking, they would be speechless." People trick themselves into believing that mental activity constitutes thinking; it does not. Most people are merely playing old tapes, going to old movies. They would never do what they’re doing or say what they’re saying if they were thinking. This book will make you think. It will make you think about aspects of your life that most people would prefer to avoid and unfortunately, to their own detriment, many do avoid. However, as we begin to think about these aspects of our lives, it becomes clear how we can become better people and enjoy a greater quality of life.

It was at least 30 years ago, I was given a copy of The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard. It is one of the best books on introspection I have ever come across. This book by Rene Yarnell is the same type of book. It will cause you to look at yourself in ways that are absolutely essential if you want to live a good life. The English novelist Aldous Huxley once pointed out, "the only corner of the universe we can be certain of improving is our own self." Huxley was right, however if we’re going to improve ourselves, we must look at ourselves...all sides of ourselves. Rene’s open and honest way of doing this will inspire you to do the same. As we begin taking this in-depth, honest evaluation of what we are doing with our lives and then ask ourselves why we are doing it, we become more alive, we begin to grow. We see how everything that happens in our lives is good. It is a lesson that prepares us for bigger, better, more interesting mind-expanding experiences.

Prior to receiving the advanced copy of this book, I had never spoken to Rene Yarnell. I knew of her and she knew of me, but we did not know one another. Through reading this book and discussing it with her, we have become very good friends. I am certain as time passes, we will become even better friends. As you begin getting involved with her book, you too are going to like Rene, you might even fall in love with her. She has a personal magnetism that shines throughout each chapter. It becomes obvious to the reader that she has character and a quiet strength that is quite admirable. When I first completed the book and laid it down, I was struck by her honesty, how she has been true to herself. Those famous lines by Shakespeare that he gave us in Hamlet came to mind,

"This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man."

Rene has followed Shakespeare’s advice and through it she has moved closer to what God wants her to become. I am honored that she asked me to write a foreword to her book. Her words and example have inspired me to become a better me. Likewise, long before you complete this classic, you are going to like you more.

Bob Proctor,
Author of

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