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Re: New Book Release: Nonfiction/Relationships
Title: 'Til Death Do Us Part…
Sub-title: One Woman's Story of Facing the Reality
After Clinging to the Dream
Author: Rene Reid Yarnell
Publication Date: April 2001
ISBN: 1-883599-17-2

"The heartrending sadness resulting from a relationship ending need not signal failure but can be the portal to an even deeper experience of personal growth, guiding us to a renewal of our present situation in a new form or forging out to create an entirely new spiritual bonding… The merit of a relationship is not necessarily in its lasting forever. Its value lies in the journey two people shared while together and the heightened awareness that each carries forward."

"'Til Death Do Us Part…"

The words above are taken from a new release, 'Til Death Do Us Part…, by Rene Reid Yarnell. As the sub-title indicates, it is the story of one woman facing the reality of her marriage ending after clinging to the dream that it would last until they were separated by death. The author comes to the realization that "'Til death do us part…" is no longer a realistic aspiration for most couples today. After her own struggle, she proposes that a new paradigm is needed for entering into marriage and dealing with the inevitable ending of the majority of them. Through the telling of her own novel-like story, the author suggests that ending a marriage need not equate to failure. "Moving on" should mean letting go of blame and taking the good with us into new beginnings. She predicts that the movement in the future will be away from fiscal-legal bonds toward a new form of committed, publicly acknowledged unions. For some, like herself, it is likely to be a spiritual partnering.

With the longevity of life increasing, it becomes less probable that a marriage begun at the age of 25 or 30 will last 'til death do us part. It is conceivable that some will experience two or three 15-, 20-, 25- year treasured relationships over their lifetime. Through the telling of her own fairy tale romance that culminated in marital crisis, the author raises consciousness that a more realistic mind-set is needed as couples embrace marriage today. Of course, our human nature will always lead us to enter relationships with the belief that they will last forever. But how can we continue to ignore the statistical data on divorce and be surprised when relationships end? Somewhere in our collective consciousness we must prepare ourselves, should a breakdown occur, to emerge from our crises more ready than ever to make sound choices - either to renew and enhance our existing unions or to move on, perhaps giving birth to new relationships without the usual sense of failure.

"'Til Death Do Us Part… is a wonderfully multifaceted book. Enjoy it as a novel, read it as a psychological thriller, or marvel at its portrayal of one human's quest to find meaning and goodness in relationships...even those that end," says Tom Barrett, Ph.D., author of Dare to Dream and Work to Win. "Rene's book is a must read for anyone going through a relationship transition," adds Cynthia Kersey,
author of Unstoppable.

Clearly, 'Til Death Do Us Part…offers a lifeline to anyone who is facing, or has faced, or will face relationship crises, transforming feelings of utter devastation into energy for marital renewal or the decision to begin a new life. Through her own experience, the author offers: coping mechanisms for those living with a partner afflicted with addiction and alcoholism, a process for rebuilding trust with the hope of renewing the marriage in a new form, a course of action for recovering if the relationship should end. Yarnell demonstrates the courage to face adversity head on, using painful times to make personal changes within and assessing the circumstances to determine when to take action and when to let go. Once she accepted the reality that her marriage was over, she explores with the reader the future of relationships today, looking beyond the legal and fiscal confinement of traditional marriage and searching for alternatives - life choices wherein more emphasis is placed on the personal and spiritual growth of ourselves and our partners.

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Copyright © 2001 , Rene Reid. All Rights Reserved.

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