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'Til Death Do Us Part... Cover

'Til Death Do Us Part...
By Rene Reid Yarnell

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'Til Death Do Us Part...
One Woman's Painful Journey to
Save Her Relationship While
Building a Network Marketing Empire

To My Readers

This book is for visionaries with utopian philosophies and romantics who continue to pursue the fairytale.

It is for those men and women who cling to the hope that, somewhere out there, their soul mate is waiting or searching for them.

It is for couples who are searching for new forms of relationships or those who choose to blend their work life and family life in this new millennium.

It is for professional network marketers who share the idealistic view that ethics and business can coexist.

It is for those in public office who share the idealistic view that ethics and politics can coexist.

It is for dependents and co-dependents struggling to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction.

This book is for self-explorers interested in probing their life’s purpose and understanding the links between various events. It is for those who must inevitably face transitions in their lives, whether they are solicited or not.

This book is about the struggle to overcome human weakness and the aspiration to make ourselves, our relationships, and our world just a little better.

This book is about emerging from the sheltered place we may currently be lingering to enter into a world of our own creation filled with meaningful activities, loving relationships, commitment to spiritual growth, and promise for the future.

With Love,

p.s. e-mail me and let me know what you think about this book, I would love to read your thoughts.

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