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Promising "'Til Death Do Us Part"
no longer a realistic aspiration
for the majority of couples today

(Reno, Nevada) - According to a new book release by Rene ReidYarnell, author of 'Til Death Do Us Part..., One Woman's Story of Facing the Reality After Clinging to the Dream (Quantum Leap, $28.95), a new paradigm is needed as couples enter into relationships today. More than one out of two marriages, including the second and third nuptials, ends in divorce. And with the extended longevity of life, these statistics are likely to increase rather than diminish.

"We are setting ourselves up for failure as a society," says Yarnell, "if we go on making the duration of a marriage the sign of its success. The merit of a relationship is not necessarily in its lasting forever. Its real value lies in the journey two people shared while together."'Til Death Do Us Part...reminds us that no one goes into intimate partnerships expecting serious crises, much less for them to break down. Ourhuman nature will always lead us to enter relationships with the belief that they will last forever. But how can we continue to ignore the statistical data on divorce and be surprised when relationships end?

According to Dr. Ahrons, professor of sociology at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, 65 to 68% of those walking away from marriage are women. Consider the most recent visible divorce filing by Ellen Fein, author of The Rules for Marriage, the controversial #1 New York Times best-selling book subtitled "Time-Tested Secrets for Making Your Marriage Work." Having flaunted her "happily married" status as a basis for her authority on the subject was her only real mistake, says Yarnell. She still has knowledge to share, perhaps even more now. But having presented these credentials, Fein has left her publisher, Warner Books, in a bind as Rules III is due to be released this June. Even Ann Landers' credibility was on the line as an advice columnist a few years back when the "shock" of her divorce became public. The deplorable part, says Dr. Medved, a clinical psychologist and author of The Case Against Divorce, is that women's standard of living goes down 73% after divorce while men's goes up by 42%.

"The part that must change," says the author, "is the public perception that the ending of a relationship equates to a 'failed marriage'. Somewhere in our collective consciousness we must prepare ourselves for the likely eventuality that a breakdown will occur. Our hope for the couple should be that they emerge from their crises more ready than ever to make sound choices-either to renew and enhance their existing union or to move on, perhaps each giving birth to new relationships without the usual sense of failure."

Raising consciousness that a new relationship model is needed for those whose lives move in different directions (the etymology of the word "divorce"), the author advocates for less focus on blame and guilt should it end, and more appreciation for the genuine value of marriage which is the shared love and personal growth that was experienced while together. It is the personal growth of each partner that should determine whether a marriage should continue or conclude.

Formerly a Roman Catholic nun, the author brings a fresh perspective to the established view of marriage. In 'Til Death Do Us Part... she tells the story of her own fairytale romance-an emotionally-peaked courtship and marriage that culminated in a shattered relationship. After her own difficult journey to come to terms with the breakup, she reminds us that, of all the people we have come to know or will ever know, there is something extraordinarily special about those with whom we share the emotional and sexual intimacies of living together in marriage or an equally close partnership. These relationships not only shape our life story, but also the unfolding and expansion of us as persons.

'Til Death Do Us Part... offers a lifeline to anyone who is facing, or has faced, or will face relationship crises, transforming feelings of utter devastation into energy for marital renewal or the decision to begin a new life. Through her own experience, the author offers: coping mechanisms for living with a partner afflicted with addiction and alcoholism, a process for rebuilding trust with the hope of renewing the marriage in a new form, a course of action for recovering if the relationship should end. Once she accepted the reality that her marriage was over, she explores with the reader the future of relationships today, looking beyond the legal and fiscal confinement of traditional marriage and searching for alternatives-life choices wherein more emphasis is placed on the personal and spiritual growth of ourselves and our partners.

'Til Death Do Us Part...can be ordered at www.renereid.com. It is also available from your favorite online or local bookstores.

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