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'Til Death Do Us Part...
One Woman's Story of Facing the Reality After Clinging to the Dream

Behind every ending awaits a new beginning. As painful and devastating as the shutting down of a relationship can be, if looked at honestly and courageously, it often serves as the threshold to an entirely new and uplifting transformation of our lives.

"In 'Til Death Do Us Part..., Rene Reid Yarnell is so transparent in this intimate testimony of what it takes to keep a relationship going and what to do if it should fail, that you want to reach out and hug her for openly sharing. Her experience and insight will go a long way in helping others to stay on the right path to happiness."

Angela Brown Terrell
Books Editor

Gannett News Service

"'Til Death Do Us Part... is evocative, gentle, and transformative! Rene's story demonstrates the challenge of relationships and splendor of moving through them without blame or failure."

Carol McCall,
author of
Listen! There's a World
Waiting to be Heard

"'Til Death Do Us Part...is wonderfully multifaceted book. Enjoy it as a novel, read it as a psychological thriller, or marvel at its portrayal of one human's quest to find meaning and goodness in relationships...even those that end."

Tom Barrett, Ph.D.,
author of
Dare to Dream and Work
to Win

"This book embodies the marriage spirit; it combines spirituality and relationship and creates a whole new awareness for couples to share."

Dr.s Evelyn and Paul Moschetta,
marriage counselors and authors of
The Marriage Spirit

"Rene's book is a must read for anyone going through a relationship transition. Her story made me realize I wasn't alone and powerfully demonstrates how anyone can honor the closure of a relationship with love and respect."

Cynthia Kersey
author of Unstoppable

"'Til Death Do Us Part... raises the interesting questions of how long a marriage should last and must it be a lifetime? Author, business executive, and former Catholic nun Rene Reid Yarnell explores these questions and her answers in this can't-put-it-down story of her own personal experiences and her need to find the truth. 'Til Death Do Us Part... offers a means to reduce the sadness we feel at the end of a relationship when we are forced to face a new beginning. In this best-seller, quality book, the author gives the reader an understanding of how to not only cope, but to heal and grow."

Richard Fuller,
Metaphysical Reviews

"'Til Death Do Us Part... tells the story of one woman's despair over the loss of her dreams - and the renewing of her spirit through her realization of the gifts that every relationship brings. Out of her own painful struggle to heal and grow, Rene Yarnell shares the comforting insight that every ending is a new beginning, and that even when relationships change form, love is a power that lasts forever."

Mary Manin Morrissey,
author of
Building Your Field of Dreams

"It was at least 30 years ago, I was given a copy of The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power by Vernon Howard. It is one of the best books on introspection I have ever come across. This book by Rene Yarnell is the same type of book. It will cause you to look at yourself in ways that are absolutely essential if you want to live a good life.... Her words & example have inspired me to become a better me."

Bob Proctor
author of
You Were Born Rich

Never before has such a book been written. Set in the background of local politics and the international world of network marketing, Rene Reid Yarnell tells her incredible true story of one woman's struggle to preserve her relationship while expanding a Network Marketing empire.

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